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Greater amberjack is closed until January 1, 2018 and possibly longer

Mar 23, 2017

If you are looking to keep greater amberjack you will not be able to after midnight tonight, 3-23-17. Your completely out of control NMFS has shut the fishery down in the Gulf of Mexico until 1-1-2018 but there is no guarantee they will open the fishery then. Everyone should contact their U.S. Senators and Representatives and let them know the NMFS management is a failure and new staff need to be hired and take over.

While amberjack is closed to harvest you can still catch and release and there many species to keep such as king and Spanish mackerel, vermilion snapper, mangrove snapper, white snapper, red grouper, cobia, and more. Beginning June 1, 2017 red snapper and gag grouper will be open. Fishing is great, what you can keep is regulated by the federal agency of the NMFS. Call for reservations today.

Spring Fishing, What you are allowed to keep

Mar 18, 2017

Thanks to the Federal Government agencies of NOAA and NMFS the greater amberjack fishery will close at midnight on Mar 23, 2017 until January 1, 2018. Spanish mackerel have arrived in large numbers so short trips of 4 hours are what you need to get them. Cobia should be arriving any day and king mackerel should arrive by the first of April. Bottom fishing trips are catching good numbers of vermilion snapper and white snapper with a few red grouper mixed in along with some rudder fish and other snapper. The weather has been very good so far this year and is expected to continue. Call to book your fishing trip today.

LEO TOO Exterior and Interior

Mar 18, 2017

Views of the LEO TOO Exterior and Interior

Spanish mackerel

Feb 21, 2017

Spanish mackerel have arrived. This is the earliest most can remember Spanish mackerel have showed up. They are nice size and excellent eating. We offer 3 hour Spanish mackerel trips for up to 8 people at discounted rates. Contact us today and reserve your trip!

2017 Fishing Season

Feb 3, 2017

The 2017 fishing season is here. We are looking forward to another good year with good catches and good weather. Greater amberjack opened on 1-1-17 and should be open thru at least the end of March so if you want to catch big amberjack make your plans to fish by the end of March. The season may go longer and once we find out we will post on this blog.

In addition to amberjack, red grouper, vermilion snapper, and white snapper (red porgies) are open. As the water temp rises Spanish mackerel will show up which could be in mid March. King mackerel will be fast behind as they should show up by mid April. Cobia normally begin to show up between mid March and April 1.

Red snapper and gag grouper are scheduled to open on June 1 and we should know how many days red snapper will remain open in early May and gag grouper will be open thru Dec 31. Call to book your red snapper and/or gag grouper trip soon.

We had a great season last year and will be posting more pictures on this site soon. We are ready to take your reservation and look forward providing you and your party a great fishing experience.